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HBO Series Explores Bizarre Tale of ‘Mother God,’ Cult Leader Found Wrapped in Christmas Lights After Death

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Amy Carlson claimed to have been reincarnated as Marilyn Monroe and Joan of Arc, and also said that Robin Williams advised her from the Great Beyond. The Colorado-based guru also said she was 19 billion years old, had given birth…[Continue Reading...]

Inside the cult of Mother God: Followers of ex-McDonald’s manager Amy Carlson’s ‘abusive’ New Age sect lay bare group’s harrowing descent into anarchy and violence – two years after leader’s mummified corpse was found wrapped in Christmas lights

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A New Age cult leader who called herself 'Mother God' is the subject of an eerie upcoming documentary about her conspiracy-driven spiritual sect, Love Has Won, and her devoted followers in Colorado. The three-part HBO series Love Has Won: The Cult Of Mother…[Continue Reading...]

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