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In ‘Koresh,’ a study of a cult leader and the siege and raid of his compound in Waco

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In 1984, Vernon Howell revealed that God had been speaking to him since he was a child. And he announced he was “the Seventh and Final Angel,” who would lead Branch Davidians through the Apocalypse. Sometime later, a colleague suggested…[Continue Reading...]

Self-proclaimed psychic accused of scamming woman out of more than $46K to remove ‘dark energy’

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A self-proclaimed psychic in Houston allegedly scammed a woman out tens of thousands of dollars to help with her relationship issues over three years, according to court documents. Records show 48-year-old Theresa Sher Evans is accused…[Continue Reading...]

Cult leader in haunting new Netflix doc told men to be celibate while bonking their wives

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The Branch Davidians were a religious cult based in Texas and its notorious leader David Koresh convinced his followers that the apocalypse was looming and that following his orders would lead them to eternal life A notorious cult leader who…[Continue Reading...]

Netflix docuseries Waco: American Apocalypse centres on one of America’s ghastliest cult tragedies

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It's thirty years since America, and indeed the world, was rocked by one of the nation's ghastliest modern tragedies. Eighty-six people lay dead at the end of a 51-day siege in Waco, Texas, as law enforcement sought to take down…[Continue Reading...]

Leon County brothers, clergy accused of sexual assault of multiple children

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LEON COUNTY, Texas (KBTX) -Two Leon County brothers with pastoral leadership positions at churches in Centerville and Buffalo were arrested following grand jury indictments Wednesday. Clark A. Travis was arrested in Buffalo by Leon County Sheriff’s deputies without incident Tuesday…[Continue Reading...]

The making of the paedophile prophet: How, 30 years ago, a Bible-obsessed loner transformed himself into an all-powerful cult leader, taking child brides, stealing his followers’ wives – and triggering the Waco massacre

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At 9.48am on a misty February morning, a lawyer raced to his office and rang the emergency services. 'There are 75 men around our building shooting at us!' Wayne Martin shrieked. Gunfire was clearly audible in the background. The number…[Continue Reading...]

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