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Local Woman Totally Relates To New Cult Doco After Surviving Small-Town MLM Scheme

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I SURVIVED: Local Admin Assistant turned ‘Small Business Owner’ (heavy on the ‘ ‘) turned Admin Assistant has been forced to look inward today after watching a cult documentary on Netflix and relating just a little bit too hard. A…[Continue Reading...]

Coronation Street star’s mum was caught in cult with ‘sinister sexual exercises’

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Coronation Street star Emrhys Cooper revealed that his parents found themselves in a cult that started off ‘wholesome’ but took a ‘sinister’ turn. Recent scenes saw Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) meeting the charming Rowan (Emrhys) from The Institute, following her stepson’s…[Continue Reading...]

‘From Healing to Horror’: Was Synanon, the Rehab Program that Became a Religious Movement, a Cult?

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Before there were organizations in place to help people with drug addiction, the landscape for people with these problems was harsh and unforgiving. In the late 1950s, Charles "Chuck" Dederich wanted to change that. Dederich — who was open about…[Continue Reading...]

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