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Cult leader arrested for allegedly trying to control followers with homemade mercury-laced elixirs

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A cult leader leader who called himself by the name “Total Transcendence” has been arrested by Spanish police after he allegedly doped his followers with mind-numbing mercury-laced homemade elixirs. José Manuel Cánovas, 50, was nabbed on Wednesday following a raid…[Continue Reading...]

Mega-swoop on polygamous sect known as “Kingdom of Pineal”

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/* custom css */ .td_uid_3_64c924f641715_rand.td-a-rec-img { text-align: left; } .td_uid_3_64c924f641715_rand.td-a-rec-img img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } Sect under suspicion for “diverse illicit activities” PJ police from Coimbra have conducted a “mega-operation” at the self-described Kingdom of Pineal, land…[Continue Reading...]

Police raid second starvation cult headquarters and rescue 31 locked-up worshippers

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A second starvation cult has been uncovered in Kenya with 31 people locked up without food. Police said the group were found weak and hungry after starving themselves for almost a week. Among the rescued were 14 adults and 17…[Continue Reading...]

Police Arrest Former Actor Turned Alleged Cult Leader, Raid His Nevada Home in Sex Abuse Probe

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Las Vegas police on Tuesday arrested and raided the home of a former actor turned alleged cult leader accused of sexually assaulting young indigenous girls during a period spanning two decades, according to police records obtained by The Associated Press.…[Continue Reading...]

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