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Leader of extreme Jewish sect arrested in southern Mexico

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TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) — Mexican authorities arrested a leader of an extremist ultra-orthodox Jewish sect in southern Mexico accused of organized crime and human trafficking, state and federal officials said Tuesday. Officials also said an unspecified number of women and…[Continue Reading...]

7NEWS Spotlight investigates the ‘Kidney Cult’: Inside the church that encourages followers to donate their organs

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Tucked away in suburban Melbourne is a nondescript home. From the outside, you wouldn’t know that it’s the headquarters of a church referred to widely as The Kidney Cult. The secretive group, otherwise known as the Jesus Christians, is led…[Continue Reading...]

New search to find missing mum and daughter who were part of a doomsday cult

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In 2007, four members of a doomsday cult, Chantelle McDougall, her daugther Leela McDougall, Antonio Konstantin Popic and Gary Felton, disappeared from the small picturesque town of Nannup in WA’s southwest. A coronial inquest was held a decade later into…[Continue Reading...]

Psychotherapist Shavaun Scott Breaks Down ‘Cult’ Member Testimony Against Chad Daybell

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In this episode of 'Hidden Killers With Tony Brueski,' psychotherapist and author Shavaun Scott discusses the ongoing trial of Chad Daybell, focusing on the testimonies of witnesses like Zulema Pastenes. Zulema's testimony touched on her alleged supernatural abilities, which she…[Continue Reading...]

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