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Inside the Murderous Plot of a Stockbroker Turned Killer Cult Leader

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In affluent Marin County, California, violent crime was seldom seen. But on Aug. 3, 2000, police responded to a secluded studio apartment tucked behind a family home after reports of gunshots. Inside, two bodies lay in the bedroom: Jenny Villarin,…[Continue Reading...]

What Happened to Synanon Founder Charles ‘Chuck’ Dederich? All About the Cult Leader Who Died in 1997

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Synanon was the brainchild of Charles “Chuck” Dederich. The infamous cult leader died in 1997, but the story of his reformative-turned-destructive drug rehabilitation organization is now the center of a four-part docuseries on HBO. Titled The Synanon Fix: Did The…[Continue Reading...]

HBO’s The Synanon Fix Explores How a Rehab Program Became a Cult-Like Group

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What happens when a rehab program that is supposed to cure addictions becomes addictive itself? That’s the story of Synanon, an organization that went from providing revolutionary therapy to becoming “a kooky cult,” as TIME put it in 1977. The…[Continue Reading...]

‘From Healing to Horror’: Was Synanon, the Rehab Program that Became a Religious Movement, a Cult?

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Before there were organizations in place to help people with drug addiction, the landscape for people with these problems was harsh and unforgiving. In the late 1950s, Charles "Chuck" Dederich wanted to change that. Dederich — who was open about…[Continue Reading...]

Danny Masterson moved out of maximum security prison over safety concerns – National

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Former That ’70s Show actor and convicted rapist Danny Masterson has been transferred out of the maximum-security prison where he was to serve his 30-year sentence amid concerns for his safety. Masterson, 47, was moved to California Men’s Colony, a…[Continue Reading...]

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