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$104M awarded to sexual abuse victims of Mount Cashel and N.L. priests

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A third-party insolvency monitor has put forward a sum of $104 million to pay the victims of sexual abuse by Newfoundland and Labrador clerics, but it's not certain how much money will actually flow to hundreds of claimants. A four-page…[Continue Reading...]

Inside still active ‘apocalypse’ Order of Solar Temple cult that ‘slaughtered 53 of its own’

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Over the last 2000 years, history has been littered with gruesome tales of zealots committing unspeakable acts in the name of religion. Few approach the disturbing level of butchery attained by the Order of the Solar Temple, an elitist Christian…[Continue Reading...]

Canada’s Sphere Media to develop religious cult feature doc Monkey on a Stick

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Canadian prodco Sphere Media (Sort Of) has secured the rights to adapt the book Monkey on a Stick: Murder, Madness and the Hare Krishnas, into a feature documentary. Authored by investigative journalists John Hubner and Lindsey Gruson, it exposes a…[Continue Reading...]

QAnon Queen Cult Leader Returns to Small Town That Thought It Drove Her Away

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Just when they thought they had gotten rid of her, the QAnon Queen came back to small town Saskatchewan. Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” and QAnon cult leader, first turned Richmound, Saskatchewa, population 130, on its head back…[Continue Reading...]

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