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2 Docu-Series That Expose Infamous Cults’ Use Of Psychological Manipulation

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The People’s Temple and NXIVM stand as two of the most terrifying testaments to the cruel, violent and deadly nature of cults. These organizations—led by the charismatic and manipulative figures Jim Jones and Keith Raniere, respectively—showcase how even the most…[Continue Reading...]

‘She doesn’t look like a real person’: Woman reconnects with high school friend she hasn’t seen in 6 years, finds out she’s joined a cult

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Thanks to the prevalence of the true crime documentary craze, we now know more than we probably wish we did on the subject of weird and controlling cults. Shows like Dancing For the Devil have given us an inside look…[Continue Reading...]

Netflix Documentary About A Shocking TikTok Cult Is Going Viral

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You can probably guess what happened next if you’ve seen any Netflix documentary before. Those involved are taking umbrage with the program’s assertions, including dancer Miranda Derrick whose family is featured prominently in the three-part series. Broadly, she denies the…[Continue Reading...]

2 Psychologist-Approved Docu-Series Depicting How Cults Brainwash

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Cults captivate us with a mix of fascination and terror. From a psychological perspective, they epitomize the darker aspects of human behavior and the profound influence that charismatic leaders can wield. Leaders of these organizations deploy a range of psychological…[Continue Reading...]

What Happened To Vik White After Appearing On Netflix’s “Dance Cult” Docuseries Dancing For The Devil?

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Vik White has become one of the most influential dancers across social media platforms today. Because of his immense talent, television and film appearances, and millions of fans on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, it appeared that Vik was doing quite…[Continue Reading...]

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