‘Love Has Won’ Cast: Where Are Former Members of Late ‘Mother God’ Amy Carlson’s New Age Cult Now?

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The HBO documentary Love Has Won, released on November 13, 2023, tells the story of the life and death of ​”Mother God” cult leader Amy Carlson, and how the ordinary Oregon woman came to believe, and convince others, that she was a 19-billion-year-old spiritual being.

The already-unbelievable tale came to a shocking conclusion when it was revealed that — after Amy eventually succumbed to alcohol abuse, anorexia and the chronic ingestion of the controversial dietary supplement colloidal silver at the age of 45 ​— cult members kept her skeletal remains in a shrine in their shared Crestone, Colorado, home.

Though seven of Amy’s housemates were arrested for abusing and/or tampering with her corpse after her April 2021 death, all charges were dropped by late September of that year.

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