HBO Series Explores Bizarre Tale of ‘Mother God,’ Cult Leader Found Wrapped in Christmas Lights After Death

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Amy Carlson claimed to have been reincarnated as Marilyn Monroe and Joan of Arc, and also said that Robin Williams advised her from the Great Beyond.

The Colorado-based guru also said she was 19 billion years old, had given birth to the Universe as “Mother God,” and could cure any disease, including cancer.

These lofty promises, coupled with unending charisma, won her a healthy online following and up to 20 live-in acolytes who became members of the group, Love Has Won.

Carlson’s stated mission was to help the world ascend to a higher dimension, free its inhabitants from the purported “cabal” imprisoning them,  and “reconnect with PRIME SOURCE CREATOR, ME!” she wrote in her now-defunct website,

While Carlson maintained that she was saving the world through Love Has Won, others have labeled it a pernicious cult — including cult expert Rick Alan Ross, who spoke about the group on an appearance on Dr. Phil in 2021.

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