Siddha Yoga Lawsuit Alleges Rape and Cultic Abuses by Muktananda

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A new lawsuit filed on November 22nd, 2023 by three women alleges a series of abuses by Swami Muktanada including rape, sexual assault, and cultic abuses during the 1970s and 80s. It also alleges followers were required to provide free labor often in a “rigorous,” and sometimes “grueling” schedule. Those who lived in Muktananda’s ashrams were told “exactly where to sleep, eat, work, worship” and think according to the lawsuit. Followers who challenged the dictates were punished with “public humiliation, shaming, threats and physical harm.”

The lawsuit alleges Muktananda “sexually abused and raped dozens of his female followers, both women and girls” and that Siddha Yoga including Gurumayi aided the abuses. Gurumayi would “assign teenage girls and young women to the rooms closest to his living quarters.” Siddha yoga members witnessed young girls coming and going from his room at night.

The lawsuit alleges a pattern of grooming girls as well. Once targeted by Muktananda, he and his inner circle would shower them with “praise, gifts, and invitations to sit closer.” They were taught to be obedient to Muktananda.

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