Meet the ‘Entrepreneur of Hate’ Behind the Rise Of Canadian Neo-Nazi Fight Clubs

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Ayoung Canadian named Kristoffer Nippak is a key player in the growing neo-Nazi network of “Active Clubs,” VICE News can exclusively reveal.

With more than 10 cells sprinkled across multiple provinces, the Active Clubs are the fastest-growing neo-Nazi movement in Canada. Meeting several times a month, members of the semi-autonomous cells train martial arts, put up racist posters, and recruit young, easily manipulated white men to their cause.

On October 18, the Active Club network celebrated its two-year anniversary and members from each cell met in Ontario to train and discuss further plans. Now, just weeks removed from this meetup, VICE News can reveal the identity of one of the key players who laid the groundwork for the national Active Club scene in Canada.

Nippak is a 25-year-old Ontario man who, for years now, has dedicated his life to spreading hatred; he was a founding member of the Canadian offshoot of Atomwaffen, a group that has been connected to five murders and is designated a terrorist organization in Canada. What’s more, Nippak isn’t just a key player in building the Active Club scene in Canada—he’s helped the group spread overseas as well.

VICE News was able to identify Nippak as a key leader in the Active Club scene and a founding member of Canada’s Atomwaffen cell through interviews with sources in the neo-Nazi community, law enforcement, and researchers, and online posts sources say Nippak wrote. One person familiar with Nippak’s white-supremacist organizing told VICE News he’s obsessed with spreading neo-Nazism.

“This is his life,” this person, who was granted anonymity because of fear of safety, says.”It’s all he does.”

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