Love Has Won documentary drew attention to Colorado cult. But does it make light of cult dangers?

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A documentary series on the Love Has Won cult, which was based in Colorado until its leader died in 2021, is bringing increased attention to its bizarre teachings about 5D ascensions, galactic communications from Robin Williams and the dangerous use of colloidal silver to cure diseases.

But a group working to expose the cult’s falsehoods and rescue those trapped in it says the documentary fell short in debunking the myths and explaining how dangerous cults truly are.

Amanda Ray, whose brother escaped Love Has Won after becoming entangled in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, said there were missed opportunities to show how abusive Amy Carlson, who led Love Has Won and called herself Mother God, was toward her followers.

“It really was a documentary that shared the stories of the current followers just a few weeks after Amy passed,” Ray said. “They were victims of mind control. We felt there was a big missed opportunity.”

“There were a lot of people whose lives were destroyed by Amy.”

Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God is a three-part series that premiered Nov. 13 on Max and is available on the streaming service.

Love Has Won operated in relative obscurity until April 28, 2021, when Carlson’s mummified remains were discovered inside a house in Moffat where her followers were waiting for their leader to ascend to another dimension to save humanity. The body was covered in Christmas lights and her eye sockets were decorated with glitter makeup when Saguache County sheriff’s deputies arrived.

The sensationalistic reports captured headlines around the world and the attention of the documentary filmmakers.

The documentarians caught up with the cult members within weeks of Mother God’s death, and the series tells the cult’s story primarily through their voices. The story explains how Carlson evolved into Mother God and how her followers were drawn into her circles.

While Love Has Won’s leader and members bounced from place to place over the years, the group’s headquarters were a house in a large residential area known as Baca Grande — a place believed to be sacred grounds by some — in Saguache County. The group also rented a large cabin in Salida where new recruits were taken when they decided to live with the cult.

The series includes interviews with two people who left the cult but mostly follows the true believers who continue to spread Carlson’s teachings through online videos and social media pages.

Today there are two splinter groups – one called 5D Full Disclosure, which is run by two women who were part of Carlson’s inner circle and one called Love Has 1 Joy Rains 2, which is run by a man who was known as Father God during Carlson’s final years. Neither group operates out of Colorado.

A postscript in the documentary says some of Carlson’s most devout followers remain in Colorado, including a woman who works as a healer and a man who continues the cult’s teachings via an Instagram account with thousands of followers.

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