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Major crackdown on ‘spiritual’ sect across Spain and Europe 

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A widespread desire for spiritual awakening has revealed massive exploitation by criminal networks across Europe. A major operation, reported on Wednesday, January 17, by the National Police and Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency has dismantled an extensive criminal organisation.…[Continue Reading...]

Cult leader arrested for allegedly trying to control followers with homemade mercury-laced elixirs

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A cult leader leader who called himself by the name “Total Transcendence” has been arrested by Spanish police after he allegedly doped his followers with mind-numbing mercury-laced homemade elixirs. José Manuel Cánovas, 50, was nabbed on Wednesday following a raid…[Continue Reading...]

Spanish police arrest cult leader for giving ‘purified mercury’ to followers

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Spanish authorities have arrested the leader of a so-called cult accused of administering 'purified mercury' to his followers, police announced on Wednesday. The man, known as Trascendencia Total (Total Transcendence), faces charges such as crimes against public health, the environment,…[Continue Reading...]

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