Review of The Last Day, Max’s docuseries about the sectarian group led by Heide Fittkau

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Review of The last day, the docuseries about the sectarian group led by Heide Fittkau in Tenerife that was accused of inciting its members to suicide. Premieres May 24 on Max.

Max lands in Spain using a powerful asset that can be considered a flagship on other platforms: true crime. He is one of the new attractions of the streaming platform that has seen the opportunity with The Sancho case and which now incorporates into its catalog the documentaries of Discovery+.

There will be four series in total that will see the light: on the 21st The hand in the firethe day 24 The last daywhich is what concerns us today, The heartless man on May 31 and finally Publius. The infinite kidnapping next June 27th.

These are Spanish productions that analyze all types of crimes in our recent history: from a rape to the creation of a sect in Tenerife, the death of a man in strange circumstances or a brutal kidnapping by the GRAPO. The themes are varied, the intentions always the same: to shed light on very dark realities.

The last day It begins by recounting the arrest of a group of people of German origin living on the island of Tenerife, where it is suspected that they could be about to undergo a ritual that could lead to a collective suicide, like those that had been taking place throughout of the 90s on the occasion of millennialism in Switzerland or Canada.

A police operation takes away all the adults and several children while looking for signs of poisons, narcotics or even weapons with which to carry out such a plan.

However, it is a very difficult cause to prove and the leader of the sect, the German Heide Fittkau-Garthe He manages to get out of jail on bail with the express prohibition of leaving the island.

After a frustrated escape attempt, the wiretaps reveal what he tried so hard to hide: sexual practices such as orgies, intra-family relationships and even pedophilia, as well as a scheme to fleece his followers and manipulate them through fasting, sleep deprivation. and other techniques.

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