Cult leaders that promised to ‘cure’ homosexuality through forced sex busted in Spain

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A psychologist and his wife, who are suspected of leading the group for more than 20 years, were arrested by police in a small town in Cáceres province

A married couple in the Extremadura region of Spain has been arrested for allegedly running a cult that purported to “cure homosexuality” by forcing their victims to have sexual relations.

National Police arrested a psychologist and his wife, who are suspected of leading the cult, on 16 December in a small town in Cáceres province. The alleged “heterosexualising therapies” consisted of “healing sexual relations” with the cult’s leader, according to investigators.

The couple allegedly ran a company where they promoted a series of psychological therapies and “coerced and manipulated” their victims into joining the cult. They lived on a large estate in the town of Cáceres, but also ran a place in Madrid where, according to investigators, they carried out healing therapies one day a week. Police raided both properties and seized more than 100,000 euros in cash, various narcotic substances, computer equipment and documents.

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