Nun Warns of New ‘Cult’ After Convent Leaves Catholic Church

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A Catholic nun in Spain recently warned of a new “cult” after several nuns in her convent announced they were breaking from the Catholic Church.

The Pillar, a new site focusing on aspects of the Catholic Church, last week reported that 81-year-old Sister María Amparo announced she was leaving her convent, the Franciscan Order of Saint Clare, in the dioceses of Burgos and Vitoria in northern Spain.

Her decision came shortly after 16 Poor Clare sisters, part of the Franciscan Order of Saint Clare, penned a letter announcing their decision to leave the Catholic Church, saying they would instead work under Bishop Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco, who was excommunicated in 2019.

According to The Pillar, Sister Amparo spoke to a local newspaper in Spain, Diario de Burgos, about her decision to leave, as well as the announcement by the 16 other nuns.

“I was watched the whole time so that I wouldn’t be able to speak to the older sisters. They didn’t even let me say goodbye to them. They probably don’t even realize I left. But it was a firm decision. I had to leave, to avoid being a part of that cult,” she told the newspaper.

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