Dancing for the Devil: where is Miranda Wilking now?

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The Netflix documentary Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult details the harrowing story of an

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alleged cult run by Dr Robert Shinn, the pastor at the exclusive Shekinah Church in LA and founder of 7M Films talent agency – which looks after well known TikTok dance stars such as Miranda Wilking (now known as Miranda Derrick) and her partner, James ‘BDash’ Derrick.

Whilst Miranda has always denied that anything untoward has happened within the Church – whilst multiple others have accused Robert of coercion (relating to both finances and sexual assault allegations, something he has strongly denied) – it’s known that Miranda’s relationship with her family has become strained since she signed with 7M. She became withdrawn and former members of the Shekinah Church have spoken out to say they were encouraged to cut their loved ones off in order to guarantee them all a place in heaven.

While it’s noted that Miranda’s follower count and career opportunities grew extensively under 7M’s guidance, and she stepped away from the duo account (the Wilking Sisters) that she’d previously set up with her sister, Melanie, there have been negative stories dogging her change of direction too.

In fact, this stepping away from her past self caused the Wilking family so much worry that on Miranda’s 25th birthday in February 2022, Melanie and her and Miranda’s parents, Kelly and Dean, hosted a livestream chat where they spoke about how heartbroken they’ve been since Miranda withdrew from them, something they claim can only be attributed to her involvement with the ‘cult’. In the video, Kelly says Miranda hasn’t called her in over a year: “As a mom, I don’t if she’s safe… I want to just hug her… But even if she were to tell me ‘everything is fine’, I know it’s not fine.”

In a statement shared with the press back in 2022, Miranda addressed these claims head on. She admitted that she’s changed since becoming involved with 7M and the Shekinah Church but span it as a positive thing, attributing her character shift to having a deeper relationship with God and falling in love with BDash.

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