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Conspiracy theorists made Tiffany Dover into an anti-vaccine icon. She’s finally ready to talk about it.

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HIGDON, Ala. — Tiffany Dover is alive. Sitting across from Tiffany at her kitchen table, this is obvious. She breathes in and out. She gestures with her hands. She laughs generously. Dimples carve into both cheeks when she smiles, which…[Continue Reading...]

Woody Harrelson Sparks Controversy by Supporting COVID Vaccine Conspiracy Theory on ‘SNL’

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Woody Harrelson's Saturday Night Live hosting gig has found the star surrounded by controversy. As the Academy Award nominee, 61, was inducted into the show's Five-Timers Club, Harrelson not-so-subtly shared some anti-vaccine views during his opening monologue with a joke…[Continue Reading...]

It Only Took a Few Minutes for Anti-Vaxxers to Start Spreading Lisa Marie Presley Conspiracy Theories

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Before loved ones and fans could even shared their tributes, anti-vaxxers and conspiracists were posting baseless theories about why or how Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis Presley, had died. Presley’s mother confirmed her daughter’s death in a…[Continue Reading...]

Conspiracy theorists hounded Grant Wahl’s family when he died. Now they’re back

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On December 9, the phone of epidemiologist and infectious disease physician Céline Gounder began blowing up with notifications, all relaying the same message. Her husband of 21 years, soccer journalist Grant Wahl, had collapsed halfway around the world while covering…[Continue Reading...]

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