Why conspiracy theorists are freaking out about ‘Disease X’

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Conspiracy theorists are freaking out online over “Disease X,” a new contagion concocted by the global elite that will be used to kill millions!

Except, not really.

Over the past two weeks, hysterical claims have circulated on social media that the disease will soon reach the U.S., leading to a worldwide lockdown and the rise of a global government.

A social media account for the debunked anti-vax film “Died Suddenly” claimed last Monday that Disease X had already begun ravaging China.

“Reports out of China are saying that a new disease X is emerging with a 100% kill rate on the lab tested mice,” the account tweeted. “At the same time, China is assembling mobile crematoriums. How do you interpret this?”

In another post, a former Republican politician said that Disease X was part of a sinister plot “to destroy more freedoms” on behalf of “unelected globalists.”

Others argued that Disease X was being released in order to stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president.

But there’s just one problem: There is no Disease X. Not yet, at least.

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