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What makes rational people believe irrational things?

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Conspiracy theories describe what adherents believe to be secret plots by powerful and malevolent groups to control, impoverish or harm hard-working people. Many conspiracy theorists share the conviction that information is being concealed from them by “elites” or “the deep…[Continue Reading...]

God’s Misfits cult grandma Tifany Adams, accused of killing 2 Kansas moms, is ‘unhinged’ conspiracy theorist: pal

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The Oklahoma grandmother accused of masterminding a scheme to kill two women over a custody battle realting to her grandkids posted increasingly disturbing messages on her now-defunct Facebook page before the murders. Tifany Adams is “unhinged,” acccording to Leanne Webb,…[Continue Reading...]

Americans are bad at recognizing conspiracy theories when they believe they’re true, says study

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Conspiracy theorists get a bad rap in popular culture, yet research has shown that most Americans believe conspiracy theories of some sort. Why then, if most of us believe conspiracies, do we generally think of conspiracy theorists as loony? New…[Continue Reading...]

‘Truth vs. Alex Jones’: Documentary seeks justice for outrageous claims of Sandy Hook hoax

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The pain of the parents who lost their children, first grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, still feels fresh nearly 12 years after the shooting. In a new documentary about the tragedy, Mark Barden says that as he and…[Continue Reading...]

Conspiracy theorist tactics show it’s too easy to get around Facebook’s content policies

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During the COVID pandemic, social media platforms were swarmed by far-right and anti-vaccination communities that spread dangerous conspiracy theories. These included the false claims that vaccines are a form of population control, and that the virus was a “deep state”…[Continue Reading...]

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