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Conspiracy believers exhibit reduced emotional granularity and heightened rumination

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A recent study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology reveals that people who struggle to distinguish between different negative emotions are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories. Additionally, these individuals often engage in rumination, a maladaptive strategy for emotion regulation.…[Continue Reading...]

What makes rational people believe irrational things?

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Conspiracy theories describe what adherents believe to be secret plots by powerful and malevolent groups to control, impoverish or harm hard-working people. Many conspiracy theorists share the conviction that information is being concealed from them by “elites” or “the deep…[Continue Reading...]

Americans are bad at recognizing conspiracy theories when they believe they’re true, says study

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Conspiracy theorists get a bad rap in popular culture, yet research has shown that most Americans believe conspiracy theories of some sort. Why then, if most of us believe conspiracies, do we generally think of conspiracy theorists as loony? New…[Continue Reading...]

Why L. Ron Hubbard Patented His E-Meter — The device was intended to put the science in Scientology

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To call L. Ron Hubbard a prolific writer is an extreme understatement. From 1934 to 1940, he regularly penned 70,000 to 100,000 words per month of pulp fiction under 15 different pseudonyms published in various magazines. Not to be constrained…[Continue Reading...]

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