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First study of clerical abuse in Brazil calls known cases ‘tip of the iceberg’

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SÃO PAULO – An unprecedented new compendium of child abuse cases in the Brazilian Catholic Church has found that 108 members of the clergy victimized 148 children and teenagers since 2000. The authors, however, claim those totals are only the…[Continue Reading...]

Disordered personality traits appear to play a bigger role in conspiracy thinking than ideology

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Since the rise of COVID-19 and the 2020 presidential election, it has become apparent that conspiracy theories play a greater role in society than previously thought, but what makes people likely to fall into conspiracy beliefs? A study published in…[Continue Reading...]

Most methods for squashing conspiracy theories don’t work, study finds. Here’s what does.

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Debunking conspiracy theories with counterarguments is often a fruitless effort — but according to a new scientific review, there may be alternative strategies that can successfully fend off conspiratorial beliefs. Having already grown over the past 10 years, interest in…[Continue Reading...]

Despite Crackdowns by Big Tech, QAnon Conspiracy Continues to Live on Alt-Tech Platforms

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Social media remains primary source for QAnon information despite mainstream bans, Morning Consult data shows, and experts warn that Trump’s return to Facebook and Twitter could re-energize the movement Users of alt-tech platforms including Truth Social, Parler, Rumble and Telegram…[Continue Reading...]

This Flat Earther Boldly Claimed He Could Prove His Theory, And Then His Experiment Confirmed The Earth Is Round

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Conspiracy theories can be...interesting...but some have been disproven so heavily that it's hard to even find fun in the idea. Like, for example, the theory that the Earth is flat instead of round.I've seen many justifications online about why the…[Continue Reading...]

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