Inside the ‘My Place’ anti-government conspiracy group targeting councils

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It is the anti-vax, anti-Establishment, anti-government group that is targeting local councils with a campaign of conspiracies and disruption so fierce some have had to shut their doors to the public.

But, at first glance, My Place seems like any other innocuous community project. Innocent, even. Its mission statement paints it as a network of Australians who come together online and in-person to “share our skills, knowledge and support each other”.

The ‘My Place Frankston’ website welcomes visitors to a “supportive & caring community for all” that puts “transparency, openness and inclusiveness” at the core of its operations.

And, yet, scratch beneath the surface of the group very normal, friendly-looking skin and you will find thousands of members spouting dangerous health warnings and warped conspiracies about 5G and 15-minute cities (also known as Smart Cities).

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