Danny Masterson rape retrial: ‘We have targets on our backs,’ accuser’s husband testifies

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LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Jurors at the rape retrial of actor Danny Masterson heard from the second of three accusers Friday as she described going through a Scientology “Ethics Program” after Masterson allegedly raped her for the first time in September 2002.

“I fell asleep, I believe and woke up on my stomach,” Jane Doe 1 told the jury about this earlier encounter that is not part of the criminal charges against Masterson.

“I came to… a sharp pain in my anus,” she testified. “I screamed, no!”

Masterson has pleaded not guilty to three counts of forcible rape. His first trial ended with a hung jury last fall.

Earlier in the day, the husband of another accuser, Chrissie B, took the witness stand and told the jury that he believes the Church of Scientology is using “Fair Game” to put “targets on their backs.”

Scientology says the Fair Game policy “was cancelled decades ago because it was subject to misinterpretation and misuse by opponents of the Church trying to tarnish Scientology.”

Cedric B. Zavala began his testimony by describing his wife of thirteen years as the “true north of my compass.”

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