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New analysis shows anti-vaccination conspiracy theories gain political weight due to social media

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Heightened use of social media during the coronavirus pandemic brought with it an unprecedented surge in the spread of misinformation. Of particular significance were conspiracy theories surrounding the virus and vaccines made to combat it. Though conspiracy theories about vaccines…[Continue Reading...]

Prosecution shares social media videos of accused cult leader

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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - The trial for an accused cult leader charged with rape continued in Dekalb County Friday. Eligio Bishop, 40, is the alleged cult leader of a polygamist group called “Carbon Nation.” Prosecutors played social media…[Continue Reading...]

Online safety rules have ‘blind spot’ to radicalisation of children, terror watchdog warns

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The risk of children being radicalised by extremism on social media is “a blind spot” in new safety rules being drawn up to tackle toxic content online, the government’s terror watchdog warned on Wednesday. Jonathan Hall KC said that proposals…[Continue Reading...]

Pro-Hamas extremists and neo-Nazis flood social media with calls for violence

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Pro-Hamas extremists are flooding social media platforms with calls for attacks on Jewish communities and other targets in the United States and Europe, prompting U.S. law enforcement agencies to step up their readiness postures amid deep concerns about possible violence,…[Continue Reading...]

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