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Online safety rules have ‘blind spot’ to radicalisation of children, terror watchdog warns

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The risk of children being radicalised by extremism on social media is “a blind spot” in new safety rules being drawn up to tackle toxic content online, the government’s terror watchdog warned on Wednesday. Jonathan Hall KC said that proposals…[Continue Reading...]

A Lady’s Experience as Member of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a South Korean ‘Cult’ Targeting Nigerians, West Africans

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Oluchukwu Azikiwe never thought about whether or not she was part of a cult until her newfound faith turned into an obsession that almost broke her. Looking back, Azikiwe thinks she could have seen the peculiarities of the group, but…[Continue Reading...]

A Korean Sect Targeted New Zealand Christians. Did Churches Respond Effectively?

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Laura was volunteering at the welcome desk of LIFE Central church in Auckland in April 2015 when a friendly man introduced himself, asked a few questions about her church, and then left. Unbeknownst to Laura, after this brief encounter, the…[Continue Reading...]

“Get me the f–k out of here, man!”: Pearl Harbor Actor Tom Sizemore Was Horrified After Visiting Tom Cruise’s Church of Scientology, Claimed “It’s f–kin’ nuts”

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Tom Sizemore, honored for his audacious performances and tumultuous personal journey, found himself profoundly shaken and transformed by a haunting encounter within the mysterious confines of Tom Cruise’s Church of Scientology. A fascinating narrative that combined fame, spirituality, and a…[Continue Reading...]

What is Scientology? Tom Cruise ‘wants to recruit Robert Irwin’ into the religion

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Tom Cruise would reportedly like to find a new Scientology member and sees "huge potential" in this respect in zookeeper Robert Irwin. This follows the pair’s meeting at the Sydney premiere of Cruise’s film Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One.…[Continue Reading...]

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