Ashby MPs wife claims Andrew Bridgen was ‘captured by an antivax cult’ as the couple prepare to divorce

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The wife of Andrew Bridgen has claimed in a national newspaper interview that the Ashby MP has been ‘captured by an antivax cult’.

Nevena Bridgen has given an interview to the Sunday Times in which she says Mr Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire, had become ‘radicalised’.

She says her marriage has been torn apart by a ‘sect’, claiming it has ‘taken over’ her husband.

The newspaper also claims she has filed for divorce and has been made homeless as a result of the breakdown of the marriage.

The Sunday Times report also says that, in 2022, the MP and his family were ordered to vacate his £1.5 million constituency home with a swimming pool and stables, set in 5.5 acres in Coleorton.

Nevena told the newspaper: “The first alarming sign of radicalisation was when it was obvious that he was turning on us, when our child got terribly ill.

“There was no way of pleading with him. The human cost of radicalisation and the devastating impact it can have on individuals and their families, and in this case, our family, was spelled out for me for the first time in bold colours.

“The antivax conspiracy theorist movement destroyed my life when Andrew became their foot soldier.

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