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Japan’s controversial religious sect to entrust $67mn for victims’ relief

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TOKYO: Japan's controversial religious sect Unification Church is approaching the government for an arrangement to entrust up to 10 billion yen ($67 million) to aid victims affected by the group's practices, local media reported on Monday. Citing sources within the…[Continue Reading...]

Jesus Army in Northampton: More than 100 claimants as compensation scheme reaches one-year milestone

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More than 100 claimants have come forward as part of a Jesus Army compensation scheme in just one year. In September 2022, a long-awaited compensation scheme was launched by Lime Solicitors for survivors of abuse within the now-defunct religious sect…[Continue Reading...]

Cousin of Manson family murder victim slams paroled cult member Leslie Van Houten as a ‘psychopath’ with a ‘joyless coldness that cannot be cured’

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The cousin of Gary Hinman - the Manson Family's first victim - has spoken out against the release of cult member Leslie Van Houten, calling it a misjustice and an affront to her late loved one's memory. Labeling Van Houten…[Continue Reading...]

Concerns about Canon Mike Pilavachi ‘were voiced’ in 2004

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SAFEGUARDING concerns about Canon Mike Pilavachi, the founder of Soul Survivor, were first made almost 20 years ago, it was reported in The Sunday Times this week. Canon Pilavachi was formally suspended last month (News, 26 May). Since the church…[Continue Reading...]

‘That ’70s Show’ Star, Danny Masterson, Set To Spend 30 Years To Life In Prison – Used Scientology To Get Away With His Crimes

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The proceeding trial of Danny Masterson, former That ‘70s Show actor and a lifelong Church of Scientology member, reached a guilty verdict. At the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, May 31, Masterson was convicted on two of three counts of forcible…[Continue Reading...]

The True Story Behind Hulu’s ‘Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence’

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The following story details the disturbing case of the Sarah Lawrence sex cult and its ringleader. Lawrence Ray, a sinister con artist also known by "Larry," finds himself at the center of Hulu's latest true crime series, Stolen Youth: Inside…[Continue Reading...]

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