Japan’s controversial religious sect to entrust $67mn for victims’ relief

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TOKYO: Japan’s controversial religious sect Unification Church is approaching the government for an arrangement to entrust up to 10 billion yen ($67 million) to aid victims affected by the group’s practices, local media reported on Monday.

Citing sources within the sect, Japan’s national broadcaster NHK said the fund is intended for potential use in compensating individuals who claim to have fallen victim to donation collection tactics or other activities perpetrated by the group or its affiliates, Xinhua news agency reported.

According to NHK, Japanese lawmakers in the Diet are actively deliberating on the most effective means to safeguard the group’s assets, ensuring their availability and accountability for compensating victims.

Concerns have been voiced that the group might attempt to transfer its assets overseas or redirect them to other entities before facing a court-issued order that might revoke its status as a religious corporation.

Content retrieved from: https://www.punjabnewsexpress.com/world/news/japans-controversial-religious-sect-to-entrust-67mn-for-victims-relief-227251.

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