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Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t forget premarital sex hearings

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Former Jehovah’s Witnesses said they are still troubled by intrusive questions about their sexual experiences they were asked as a teenager by leaders of the religious organization. At the international Christian denomination, regional leaders, called elders, grill followers at a…[Continue Reading...]

In the US, Black survivors are nearly invisible in the Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis

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BALTIMORE — As Charles Richardson gradually lost his eyesight to complications from diabetes, certain childhood memories haunted him even more. The Catholic priest appeared vividly in his mind’s eye — the one who promised him a spot on a travel…[Continue Reading...]

Teeter-Lasiter Siblings Open Up About Life in Two Doomsday Cults in Popular Podcast

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In the realm of podcasts, where narratives of resilience and self-discovery take center stage, "The Cult Next Door Podcast" emerges as a compelling story hosted by two siblings, Ashleigh Teeter and Mattie Lasiter. Hailing from the serene town of Russellville,…[Continue Reading...]

‘I got out’: Cult survivors to perform their stories in St. Louis

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Shelly Snow Pordea grew up in a fundamentalist religious sect. Her parents moved from her birthplace of St. Louis to Hammond, Indiana, to be near the First Baptist Church, a fundamental independent Baptist megachurch then run by Jack Hyles. Pordea,…[Continue Reading...]

Splitting from Scientology, San Jose band releases first album in over 50 years

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Geoff and Robbie Levin were living the rock ‘n’ roll dream in the late ‘60s. Their San Jose band People! was opening shows for The Doors and The Who, and had appeared on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” while their catchy…[Continue Reading...]

Jehovah’s Witnesses historical archive

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The Cult Education Institute's historical archive about Jehovah's Witnesses is a large collection of articles concerning the organization's various controversies, which includes sexual abuse cases, personal stories, lawsuits, blood transfusions, its vast real estate holdings and great wealth. Take a…[Continue Reading...]

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