Teeter-Lasiter Siblings Open Up About Life in Two Doomsday Cults in Popular Podcast

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In the realm of podcasts, where narratives of resilience and self-discovery take center stage, “The Cult Next Door Podcast” emerges as a compelling story hosted by two siblings, Ashleigh Teeter and Mattie Lasiter. Hailing from the serene town of Russellville, Arkansas, these siblings (estranged for more than 25 years), share not only a bond forged by blood but also a shared history of growing up in two distinct doomsday cults during their formative years.

I recently had the privilege to sit down with Ashleigh, the oldest sibling, and Mattie, the youngest, to unravel the genesis of their podcast, the challenges they faced, and the profound impact these experiences had on their lives.

Q: Ashleigh, can you provide our readers with a glimpse into your journey and the circumstances that led to your ostracization from the family and the church/cult?

Ashleigh Teeter: It’s a narrative I never envisioned sharing, but it’s essential to break the silence surrounding these experiences. The first cult was one our family joined when I was just a small child. The second one which I found myself entangled in during early adulthood, was an offshoot of the first cult. Both were high control groups which significantly influenced how I perceive the world.

Q: Mattie, being only six years old when Ashleigh was ostracized, how did that impact your childhood, and what motivated you to join forces for “The Cult Next Door Podcast”?

Mattie Lasiter: While I was too young to fully understand the circumstances at the time, the absence of my oldest sister left a void in our family. When Ashleigh & I reconnected after I left the cult, I was able to piece so many things together that I couldn’t reconcile before. The clarity and validation I felt talking to her about the patterns we both experienced so many years apart was very powerful for me. I know there are so many people who have experienced similar abuses and I knew I wanted to help give that validation to others if I could. To do some “anti-gaslighting” was major motivation for me in particular to tell some of these difficult stories.

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