Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t forget premarital sex hearings

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Former Jehovah’s Witnesses said they are still troubled by intrusive questions about their sexual experiences they were asked as a teenager by leaders of the religious organization.

At the international Christian denomination, regional leaders, called elders, grill followers at a judicial committee when they are suspected of breaking rules, such as a ban on premarital sex.

Forty-two current and former followers said they had been forced to speak about sexual experiences before a committee hearing, according to a survey by a group of former second-generation followers, called “JW child abuse damage archive.”

More than 60 percent of those respondents said they still feel uncomfortable in their lives because of what transpired at the hearings.

A former second-generation follower in her 40s said she was asked about her relationship with her boyfriend at a judicial committee hearing when she was 18.

Content retrieved from: https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/15074595.

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