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Daughter of ‘Mormon Manson’ Ervil LeBaron lifts the lid on what it was like to grow up under terrifying control of polygamous cult leader who ordered the MURDERS of multiple people as part of heinous ‘Blood Atonement’ killings to ‘cleanse their sins’

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The daughter of polygamous cult leader Ervil LeBaron - who was dubbed the Mormon Manson for orchestrating more than two dozens murders both inside and outside of the sect - has revealed what her life was like growing up. Celia…[Continue Reading...]

True Crime Survivors of polygamist cult reveal inner sanctum of murder, sweatshops, car theft rings Ervil LeBaron’s fundamentalist Mormon cult, whose members killed rival sect leaders in the name of blood atonement, is detailed by his many children

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Survivors who endured decades of abuse and violence detailed their experience in a fundamentalist Mormon cult, headed by a polygamist nicknamed "The Mormon Manson," that is credited with dozens of assassinations. The Church of the First Born Lamb of God,…[Continue Reading...]

Daughters of the Cult Tells One of the Bloodiest Cult Stories Since Jonestown

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The latest collaboration between ABC News and Hulu, Daughters of the Cult, cuts through all the true-crime documentary clutter of the last decade. Even if you're familiar with Mormon fundamentalism or watched FX's Under the Banner of Heaven (which was…[Continue Reading...]

TV Review: ABC News Studios’ “Daughters of the Cult” Tells the Chaotic Story of the “Mormon Manson”

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Daughters of the Cult is a new Hulu docuseries from ABC News Studios that delves into the thrilling story of Ervil LeBaron, a Mormon cult leader who ordered the killings of his opponents. I’m no stranger to documentaries on cults, having learned about such…[Continue Reading...]

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