‘Daughters of the Cult’: I Was Raised By the ‘Mormon Manson’

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Historically, when they wanted to, Mormons did fucked up crime and deviancy pretty well. And if it’s debauched murdering you’re wanting, look no further than the Church of the First Born Lamb of God, a fundamentalist, murderous Mormon cult headed up by Ervil LeBaron, who would end up getting dubbed the “Mormon Manson” by the media.

LeBaron believed in “blood atonement” – that some acts are so heinous they need to be avenged by spilling the blood of the perpetrator – and his crimes are the subject of the new Hulu documentary Daughters of the Cult.

But to understand who Ervil was, you first need to understand the Mormon Church in the late 19th and early 20th century. In order to be admitted into the Union during the American Civil War, the state of Utah – the founding turf of the Mormon Church – was pressured to ban polygamous marriage in 1890. This upset fundamentalist Mormon communities, of which a number relocated to Mexico to keep the whole multiples wives thing going.

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