True Crime Survivors of polygamist cult reveal inner sanctum of murder, sweatshops, car theft rings Ervil LeBaron’s fundamentalist Mormon cult, whose members killed rival sect leaders in the name of blood atonement, is detailed by his many children

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Survivors who endured decades of abuse and violence detailed their experience in a fundamentalist Mormon cult, headed by a polygamist nicknamed “The Mormon Manson,” that is credited with dozens of assassinations.

The Church of the First Born Lamb of God, headed in Chihuahua, Mexico and lead by self-styled prophet Ervil LeBaron, is dissected in full bloody detail in the new Hulu documentary series “Daughters of the Cult,” which first hit the platform on Jan. 4.

“It blows my mind. I sit and think, ‘This is impossible,'” Celia LeBaron, one of the cult leader’s daughters, said in the new documentary. “If I hadn’t lived through it, I don’t know if I could believe it. Our family was killing people because of our father.”

Another of LeBaron’s children interviewed in the series, Hyrum, told producers that he was unsure exactly how many siblings he had from his father’s side – collectively, they estimated approximately 50.

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