A&E’s Secrets of Polygamy Goes Inside Religious Sect’s Dark Secrets — and Woman’s Daring Escape

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Faith Bistline was born into a difficult life. Growing up as a girl in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, she faced the likelihood of being placed in an arranged, polygamous marriage from a young age.

When Bistline was 19, she made a brave decision. She left the church, knowing that her family — 27 siblings and three mothers — might never speak to her again.

The church, commonly known as FLDS, is a fringe fundamentalist Mormon sect infamous for its practice of polygamy and history of child sexual abuse. Warren Jeffs, the self-styled prophet of the church, is a convicted child sex offender who has been serving a life sentence in Texas since 2011, though he continues to give orders to his followers from prison.

A new A&E series aims to expose the dark secrets of FLDS and similar sects, and tells the stories of some survivors.

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