Daughters of the LeBaron cult detail the violence and fear that was a way of life

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As children, they were part of one of the most dangerous polygamous cult movements in history, with members committing a mass killing at the behest of its late leader.

And now two sisters who grew up in the LeBaron Cult are telling their story of escape, shock and living in fear.

“Daughters of the Cult,” a five-part ABC News Studios docuseries now streaming on Hulu, chronicles the story of several people, including Anna and Celia LeBaron, who were involved in Ervil LeBaron’s splinter Mormon fundamentalist group that operated throughout the Southwest and Mexico.

The sisters said they were lucky to be alive as their father controlled dozens of their family members and manipulated his followers to enact a deadly wave of violence against rival groups and others who opposed him.

Content retrieved from: https://abcnews.go.com/US/daughters-lebaron-cult-detail-violence-fear-life/story?id=106073158.

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