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EXCLUSIVE I agreed to meet an ex-cult member. Just days later, he was found dead with his throat cut from ear to ear: Brave anti-cultist shares shocking stories about the thousands he saved from a life of hell – amid fears there are 2,000 cults in Britain today

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Placing my coffee mug down on the desk in my small office, I steadied myself before answering the phone. Lifting the receiver, I listened to a university student whose voice was trembling with anxiety, his breaths coming quick and shallow.…[Continue Reading...]

One Tree Hill’s Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals Where She Found “Safety” Amid Exit From Cult Life

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Bethany Joy Lenz will always have a deep sense of appreciation for her former castmates. Earlier this year, the One Tree Hill star detailed her decade-long experience in a cult, noting to former costars Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton that…[Continue Reading...]

How do individuals get involved with cults in the first place, and what steps can be taken to “deprogram” and heal those who have been drawn into these damaging groups?

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These questions and more are addressed in Cults Inside Out, written by a leading cult expert Rick Alan Ross. Over the course of three decades, Ross has participated in around five hundred cult interventions, provided expert court testimony, and performed…[Continue Reading...]

Cult Survivor Empowers Other Victims Breaking Free of Coercive Control

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Meet Daily Point of Light Award honoree Tabby Chapman. April is Global Volunteer Month, a global movement to recognize volunteers and people who actively support their communities, whether through volunteerism or other elements around the Points of Light Civic Circle®, like Tabby.…[Continue Reading...]

One of the most comprehensive books about cults, “brainwashing” and “cult deprogramming” intervention work

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"Cults Inside Out" is a very detailed carefully researched book about the cult phenomenon. It includes chapters about the history of modern cults, family cults and deadly cults. The book also examines in-depth the process of rescuing someone from a…[Continue Reading...]

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