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Inside sickening ‘orgasm cult’ where kids as young as 10 were forced into vile sex games and fed LSD by warped leader

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TERRIFIED and alone, ten-year-old Louise Winn cowered in the corner as cult leader Bert Potter performed a sex act on his wife - knowing she was next. At night, she took to barricading herself into a caravan, with piles of…[Continue Reading...]

Gloriavale members can’t necessarily exercise right to freedom of religion

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Former Gloriavale Christian School principal Faithful Pilgrim has told a court the community's leaders do not rule like tyrants, before breaking down over his relationship with a son who has left the sect. Pilgrim, who was a Shepherd until his…[Continue Reading...]

Serafina Tane grew up in the Camp David religious cult. This is what it felt like to leave

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Serafina Tane was born into a religious cult on New Zealand's South Island. The leader was the charismatic but abusive Douglas Metcalf, who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus. For Serafina, the cult was her family. But leaving Camp David for…[Continue Reading...]

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