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‘The Dream of What It Was’: ‘Born in Synanon’ Probes a Cult’s Legacy Through a Child’s Eye

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From books and docuseries to podcasts and big-screen thrillers, true-crime tales are everywhere. Much of it is thinly researched retreads of well-worn cases and subjects that feel exploitative in the end. “Born in Synanon” is none of those things. The…[Continue Reading...]

Ex-Synanon Members Break Down Cult’s Mixed Legacy and What America Can Learn From It

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Sandra Rogers-Hare and Cassidy Arkin are the mother-daughter duo behind Paramount+’s new docuseries, Born in Synanon. Rather than sensationalize the story of the cult known as Synanon, the series challenges viewers to reflect on what really went wrong in hopes…[Continue Reading...]

How to watch ‘Born in Synanon,’ the docuseries about a cult led by Charles ‘Chuck’ Dederich

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The internet has been abuzz with the latest release, a Paramount Plus docuseries titled "Born in Synanon." Those who followed the headlines between the 1970s and '90s may recognize the name, as the addiction-recovery-community-turned-cult led by Charles E. "Chuck" Dederich…[Continue Reading...]

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