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Gay man lifts the lid on what it was like to be groomed to practice polygamy in an incestuous CULT – after being forced to marry and have seven kids

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A gay man who was raised in an extremist Mormon-adjacent cult known as The Order has opened up about his harrowing experiences from childhood to his young-adult years. Nephi Robinson, of Utah, went on the podcast and YouTube channel Cults to…[Continue Reading...]

Inside remote fundamentalist Mormon community in Nevada where families still engage in ‘PLURAL’ marriages, have spouses chosen for them by a ‘PROPHET’ – and men have DOZENS of children with their multiple wives

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A fascinating documentary has lifted the lid on life inside a fundamentalist Mormon community where families still practice 'plural marriage' - but insist they're nothing like the horrific FLDS cult founded by Warren Jeffs.Peter Santenello, 45, a popular YouTuber who is…[Continue Reading...]

Once one of the FLDS bishop’s wives, Charlene Jeffs has found her freedom

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SALT LAKE CITY — Charlene Jeffs smiles as she talks about finding her personal freedom since leaving the Fundamentalist LDS Church. "I've been free," she said in an interview Friday with FOX 13 News. "I don’t have to ask permission…[Continue Reading...]

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