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Leonardo DiCaprio To Star And Produce In Upcoming Movie About Notorious Cult Leader Jim Jones

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Leonardo DiCaprio will soon be playing Jim Jones in an upcoming biopic about the cult leader's life. MGM secured the deal for the feature film project entitled “Jim Jones,” Deadline reported on Monday. In addition to playing the cult leader,…[Continue Reading...]

Has Tim Ballard been EXCOMMUNICATED? Anti-child trafficking activist – who was portrayed by Jim Caviezel in Sound of Freedom – is NOWHERE to be found on Mormon church records after being accused of sexual misconduct

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Former CIA agent Tim Ballard's membership of the Mormon church is in doubt after a records search showed he does not appear on the institution's database, fueling suggestions he has been excommunicated, DailyMail.com has learned. Ballard, whose story was turned…[Continue Reading...]

John Travolta Took a Humongous $10,000,000 Pay Cut for a Movie Written by Scientology Founder – It Became One of the Greatest Stains on His Career

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John Travolta experienced several obstacles throughout his career in the industry in addition to great success and collapse. Although the actor has struggled personally throughout his life, he has strived and never given up on his goal of being a…[Continue Reading...]

Operation Underground Railroad Child-Rescue Missions Were Based on Psychic Intelligence

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It was a tense day in February 2016 for Tim Ballard and operatives working for Operation Underground Railroad, the anti-human trafficking group he founded. They were on what would prove to be a bumbling and ineffective mission to save a…[Continue Reading...]

Billie Eilish’s Creepy ‘Swarm’ Character Is Inspired by a Real Cult Everything you need to know about the Grammy-winning artist’s acting debut, a role that drew from the infamous NXIVM cult.

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Swarm, co-created and co-executive produced by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, features a slew of celebrity cameos, including Rory Culkin and Paris Jackson. But episode four’s celebrity guest star — the Grammy-winning Billie Eilish — has delivered one of the series’ buzziest appearances.…[Continue Reading...]

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