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Investigative Report Debunks Mike Bickle’s Often-Told ‘4:18 Prophecy’ As False

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The Kansas City Star has debunked an often-told “4:18 prophecy” that Mike Bickle, disgraced founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC), used to legitimize his ministry. For decades, Bickle told a story with a remarkable alignment…[Continue Reading...]

Prosecutors allege ‘pervasive’ child sexual abuse in ex-Kansas City, Kansas, cult

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Numerous girls were sexually abused by members of a quasi-religious group once headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, whose alleged leaders stand accused of child labor trafficking, prosecutors say. Federal prosecutors alleged “systemic and pervasive sexual and physical abuse” of children…[Continue Reading...]

Former members allege reckless and ‘cult’ behavior at Kansas city teenage addiction program

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When teenagers and young adults in Missouri and Kansas struggle with addiction and alcohol abuse, some turn to outpatient groups based on the idea that substance abuse treatment has to be fun and feel good for it to stick —…[Continue Reading...]

Church abuse investigation suspects 188 Kansas clergy committed crimes — but no charges filed

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Nearly 200 Kansas clergy are suspected of committing criminal acts against children, according to a long-awaited probe into clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church in Kansas, released Friday, that reviewed five decades-worth of materials. No charges have been filed,…[Continue Reading...]

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