Investigative Report Debunks Mike Bickle’s Often-Told ‘4:18 Prophecy’ As False

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The Kansas City Star has debunked an often-told “4:18 prophecy” that Mike Bickle, disgraced founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC), used to legitimize his ministry.

For decades, Bickle told a story with a remarkable alignment of details that mesmerized audiences at IHOPKC and beyond. The story involved well-known Kansas City prophet Paul Cain and the timing of when his mother, Anna Cain, died. This supposedly corresponded with a Scripture passage—Luke 4:18—but the details do not line up.

The revelation comes as IHOPKC grapples with its future amidst a growing scandal. Since last November, multiple women have come forward accusing Bickle of years of grooming and sexual abuse. Bickle’s longtime friend Paul Cain, who died in 2019, has since been revealed as a lifelong sexual predator.

According to how Bickle recounted the famous story in an April 16, 2021, sermon, Anna Cain, age 104, had been in a coma for two months in a Dallas hospital.

One day in April 1990, when Bickle came to visit her bedside alongside Paul Cain, suddenly she awoke from her coma to prophesy to her son, saying, “Paul, God is giving to you and to the world, Luke 4:18.” Anna Cain then reportedly lost consciousness and died shortly afterward.

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