Just because you don’t like a group or individual doesn’t mean that group is a “cult” or that person is a “cult” leader

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It’s important to not label anything and everything a “cult,” which diminishes the genuine suffering of cult victims. Some people seem to label those they disagree with as a “cult” refusing to recognize that cults actually comprise a very small portion of groups, movements and sects generally. Simply because people don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are “brainwashed” and in a “cult.”

The definition of a destructive cult is fairly narrow and requires an absolute authoritarian leader with no meaningful accountability who becomes an object of worship and is the defining element and driving force of the group. https://culteducation.com/brainwashing1.html

Thought reform commonly called “brainwashing” requires at least six of its eight core components, as identified by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, to work. https://culteducation.com/brainwashing19.html

Political propaganda and indoctrination are not the same as thought reform, commonly called “brainwashing,” as illustrated by a chart composed by clinical psychologist and cult expert Margaret Thaler Singer. https://culteducation.com/brainwashing/5472-the-process-of-brainwashing-psychological-coercion-and-thought-reform.html

People that have deeply held beliefs, are not programmed per se, but more often are expressing their genuine values and worldview. To glibly categorize people as somehow recently programmed and in need of “deprogramming” frequently ignores their personal histories and the historical social context of their beliefs. Simply put, people that have not been programmed through coercive persuasion and/or thought reform cannot be deprogrammed.

Content retrieved from: https://cultsinsideout.com/.

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