Did a Kenyan cult leader convince his followers to die?

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In a shocking discovery on a ranch hidden in Kenya’s Shakahola Forest, more than 100 people – including children – have been found dead in mass graves. Hundreds more are still missing. Pastor Paul Mackenzie convinced followers of his Good News International Church that the world was ending, though he denies telling them to starve themselves to death. Now, the country is reeling, and Kenyan President William Ruto has called the mass deaths “akin to terrorism”. But it was not the pastor’s first brush with the authorities. Could this have been stopped? And how did one man get hundreds of people to follow him down this path?

Content retrieved from: https://www.aljazeera.com/podcasts/2023/5/3/did-a-kenyan-cult-leader-convince-his-followers-to-die.

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