Cult leader in haunting new Netflix doc told men to be celibate while bonking their wives

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The Branch Davidians were a religious cult based in Texas and its notorious leader David Koresh convinced his followers that the apocalypse was looming and that following his orders would lead them to eternal life

A notorious cult leader who believed Madonna was promised to him by God bonked as many married women as he could handle – despite banning their husbands from masturbating or having sex.

Predator David Koresh also mocked the celebate blokes by asking were they “jealous” of him.

But his loyal followers tolerated his sexual demands because he had warped them into thinking he was a messiah who would save them from the apocalypse.

The religious group he headed was called the Branch Davidians and members lived in a compound in Waco, Texas, where they were to pray and prepare for the end of days, also known as The Revelation.

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