What Happened To Jaime Gomez & His Buddhafield Cult (How To Become A Cult Leader)

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The third episode of the Netflix documentary series How to Become a Cult Leader focuses on Buddhafield founder Jaime Gomez. Born in Venezuela, Gomez moved to Hollywood to break out as an actor. But with his acting dreams going nowhere, he resorted to holding mental sway over innocent youngsters in the 1980s, forming his cult. Gomez resorted to parlor tricks and mental manipulation to convince followers to do his bidding. Described as a “chiseled charlatan,” Jaime Gomez was also involved in tax evasion and sexually predatory behavior.

The year 2006 offered a major blow to Jaime Gomez’s rise to power, as a former high-ranking member of Buddhafield turned whistleblower and exposed what had been happening behind closed doors. Through a revelatory e-mail, this ex-cult member convinced many to break their ties with the cult. One former devotee, Radhia Gleis, concludes, “Nobody ever became enlightened” in the end. The true-crime documentary series doesn’t reveal Jaime Gomez’s fate. Unlike Charles Manson’s arrest and Jim Jones’s self-imposed death, the Californian cult leader behind Buddhafield continues to live a life of freedom.

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