What happened to Charles “Chuck” Dederich? The man behind the HBO Documentary, The Synanon Fix

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The Synanon was a community founded by Charles E. “Chuck” Dederich in 1958. After being a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, a rehabilitation group for people suffering from alcohol abuse, Charles decided to start a community of his own for people with drug and substance abuse issues. Being a recovering user of LSD, Charles noted that he wanted to create a specific community for the substance and drug addicts as their problems were significantly different from those of the alcoholics.

Charles “Chuck” Dederich founded The Synanon which was originally known as Tender Loving Care. The community was located in Santa Monica, California and was a drug rehabilitation program. The program later became a community as more people who did not deal with any substance abuse joined the Synanon in group truth-telling sessions. The Synanon community later went on to become a cult known as the Church of Synanon by the 1970s.

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