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The dark secrets of televangelist TB Joshua’s cult

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Perpetrators of abuse often isolate their victims, stopping them from interacting with the general population and restraining them from deciphering the extensive system of oppression in the relationship. Televangelist, creator of Emmanuel TV and founder of the Synagogue Church of…[Continue Reading...]

‘I was the white girl who’d been taken in hook, line and sinker’: the Britons who survived a Nigerian cult

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TB Joshua, the Oprah of evangelism, was a mega prophet who inspired thousands of followers from across the world to visit his church in Lagos, Nigeria, in the hope of salvation. Before his death in 2021, the celebrated pastor was…[Continue Reading...]

Evangelical ‘cult’ raped and tortured followers, investigation claims

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British members of a global evangelical church linked to Constance Marten have spoken out amid claims its leader raped and tortured followers, forcing some to undergo abortions. Dozens of former members of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) –…[Continue Reading...]

Who was TB Joshua? Inside the life of ‘cult’ leader accused of sexually abusing ‘hundreds’ of young women – and did he really spend 15 months in his mother’s womb?

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Temitope Balogun Joshua was worshipped by millions as a Christian preacher who claimed to perform countless miraculous healings and speaking with the word of God. Upon his death on June 5, 2021 the church he founded in 1987, the Synagogue…[Continue Reading...]

Disciples: Watch the three-part BBC documentary on ‘The Cult of TB Joshua’

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A BBC documentary exposes the horrible abuses of an all powerful pastor in Nigeria named T.B. Joshua. The charismatic televangelist presides over the "Synagogue, Church of All Nations" (SCOAN). Joshua's victims are interviewed in the documentary exposing the dark side…[Continue Reading...]

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